Port Description
Location: Derna is situated in eastern Libya, between Benghazi and Tobruk.
General overview: Derna is a small commercial harbour with reasonable equipment for handling bulk, container, general and Ro-Ro vessels. 
Imports: Grain, livestock, animal feed and general cargo.

Exports: Wool, cement and fish.
Traffic figures: Approximately 30 ships visit the port annually.
Load Line zone: Summer.
Max size: LOA 150m, draught 8.2m, 10,000DWT.

Pre Arrival Information
Communications: VHF: Port Control: Ch 16.

Sea buoys, fairways and channels: Approach and entry: The port is approached through an Approach Reporting Point and entered between breakwater heads. For details of Approach Reporting Points see General Marine Information.
Entry: From a position E of the N Breakwater Head the track leads about 0.5nm E to the harbour entrance, passing N of a lightbuoy (port hand) moored 0.2nm E of the entrance. The entrance is dredged to 10m and the harbour dedged to 9m.
Useful marks: Light on head of S breakwater (32°45.8 N 022°39.7 E). Light (dolphin) at SE end of North Quay.
Pilot: Compulsory. Vessels are not permitted to enter the harbour between 2100-0600hrs. 
Anchorages: The designated anchorage is within 0.5nm radius of 32°47N 022°40.5E, as shown on the chart. All vessels must anchor as instructed by the Port Authority, and must not shift berth except on the instructions of the Port Authority.
Tidal range and flow: Range 0.5m.
Dock density: 1025.
Weather: Prevailing winds: N’ly.
Principal navigation aids: Darnah Light (white tower, black stripes, 12m in height) (32°45’N 022°41’E) is exhibited approximately 1.75nm SE of the harbour.
Charts: BA 3355. Admiralty Pilot NP49, NP286(3.
Restrictions: Entry during daylight only.
Tugs: There are 3 tugs up to 2,400hp available.

Berths And Cargo
Names/Nos: There is a total of about 940m of berthing space available. Berths No 2 and 3 have depths alongside of 9.0 to 10m, the remainder a depth of 7.5m.There are no tanker berths.Storage: There is 207,000m2 of open storage area and 4,800m2 of covered storage available.
Barges: A lighter is available

Bunkers/water/stores: Fresh water: Available.
Medical facilities: There is a hospital available locally.
Transport: Nearest airport: Benghazi Airport 300km.
Public holidays: Mar 8, May 25, Jun 11, Jul 23, Sep 1, Oct 7. Variable dates: EL Mouled El Nabawi, Aid el Fitr, Aid el Adha & Higri New Year. Fridays are weekly port holidays.
Working hours: Normally 0800-1200hrs, 1300-1700hrs. Overtime 2000-2400hrs, 0100-0700hrs.