Port Description
Port location: the port is situated approximately 50 Km west of Tripoli.altrenatevely known as azzawia.
General overview: traffic figures about 480 vessels
visits the port annually. 
Load line zone: summer.
Max size: about 14.000 dwt .

Pre Arrival Information
ETAs: vessels are informed by agents of the points of entry in Libyan waters 48 hours prior to arrival.
Communications: VHF: contact Ch 16 azzawia control also Ch 22 and 27.

Port limits: the port limits extend N from the shore to 32° 50.5 N 012°44 E.
Anchorage: on arrival vessels are advised to anchor 1.5 nm off No 1 berth to await the pilot. The bottom is reported to be sand over rock.
Dock density: 1025.
Weather: prevailing winds: NWly (winter): N, NE and Ely throughout the rest of the year.
Charts: BA 3327, 3353, admiralty pilot NP 49.
Restriction: berthing during daylight only.underthing nightly only in special cases. Tugs available.

Berths And Cargo

Berths Vessel capacity (t).
No 1 10,000-100,000
No 2 5.000-40,000
No 3 15,000-140,000

These berths are 2 × SBM and 1 × CBM.
Tanker berths: Vessel use own boom to lift hoses:
Berth No 1: boom capacity not less than 7t.
Berth No 2: boom capacity not less than 5t.
Berth No 3: boom capacity not less than 10t.

Medical facilities azzawia central hospital
Transport; nearest air port: Tripoli international.
Airport facilities: international flight.