Port Description
Location: Zuara is situated 120km W of Tripoli,close to the Tunisian border.
General overview: Traffic figures: Approx 50 vessels visit the port annually.
Load Line zone: Summer.

Pre Arrival Information
Communications: VHF: Ch 16.

Sea buoys, fairways and channels: The port is approached by a channel 1,000m in length which is rotected by 2 breakwaters.
Approach reporting point: Vessels approaching Zuara must pass through the Approach Reporting Point (33°03N 012°15E), as shown on the chart. For details of Approach Reporting Point see Country Marine Information.
Entry: From the Approach Reporting Point the track leads SW for about 10nm,passing (with positions from Zuara Main Light (32°55N 012°07E): SE of a dangerous wreck (4.5nm N), then: Clear of a lightbuoy (special, spherical) (2nm NE) then: Clear of the fairway lightbuoy (safe water) (1nmENE). A buoyed channel leads SW for about 0.45nm and then WNW for a further 0.35nm to enter the harbour between the end of the N mole,from where a light (metal framework tower on white hut) is exhibited, and the elbow of the S mole from where a light is also exhibited.
Pilot: Available.
Anchorages: The anchorage area for vessels awaiting a berth is within 1nm of 32°57’N 012°10.5’E. nchorage may be obtained in depths from 6.9-9.1m, mud, with the N mole head bearing approx 213°. A vessel anchoring in Libyan roadsteads during the winter season is recommended to leave the anchorage, used by day for working cargo and anchor farther out for the night as at that time of year there are strong winds, and occasionally gales, from NW. All vessels must anchor as instructed by the Port Authority, and must not shift berth except on the instruction of the Port Authority.
Dock density: 1025.
Weather: The harbour is unsafe in E and NE winds.
Charts: 3353. Admiralty Pilot NP49. Tugs: 2 tugs available.

Berths And Cargo
Names/Nos: A floating jetty extends nearly 0.1nm SW from the root of the mole,with a 120m fixed angle jetty extending the same distance SE. The latter can accommodate vessels drawing up to 4.0m on its N side, and up to 5.0m on its S side. Smaller vessels can use either side of the floating jetty. The S basin, with depths of 4.0m, is fully quayed.
Storage: Open storage of 16,000m2. General

Bunkers/water/stores: Fresh water: Available.
Medical facilities: Medical facilities are available in the town.
Transport: Nearest airport: Tripoli International Airport, 125km.
Public holidays: Mar 8, May 25, Jun 11, Jul 23, Sep 1, Oct 7.
Variable dates: El Moulded el Nabwi, Aid il Fitr, Id el Adha, Higri New year.Fridays are a weekly port oliday. Working hours: Normally 0800-1200hrs, 1300-1700hrs.Overtime: 2000-2400hrs, 0100-0700hrs.
Developments: A new general cargo/container port is planned. New breakwaters quays and jetties are to be constructed providing berths for general cargo, container, ro-ro and liquid bulk traffic